Thursday, July 31, 2014

dallas farmers market

All photos by Frances Moulin

I took these photos last year at the Dallas Farmers Market and stumbled upon them recently, so I decided to share.

Farmers markets are just about everywhere now (in fact, they just held one at the church in my neighborhood). They're local, healthy and run by people who are seriously passionate about food. And look how gorgeous they are - full of color, flavor, pride and personality. So go out and support your neighborhood farmers, gardeners, beekeepers and chicken coops - it's a win-win for everyone.

Christmas in July? Sure, why not?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

cake smash for paige

The destruction. All photos by Frances Moulin

There's something magical about a little girl digging face first into a birthday cake in the middle of a park. I mean, Paige is absolutely adorable to begin with, but add pink icing all over that sweet little face? Priceless. Too bad nobody thinks it's cute for a thirty year old to have a cake smash on her birthday. Somehow it doesn't translate.

A few family pics in her lovely, cake-free chambray dress from England. Because she's a lady. 

What's happening? You mean I just put my hands in it??

 Needless to say, I think she got the hang of it. Happy first birthday, Paige!! xoxo

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

mary grace and keegan

All photos by Frances Moulin
I've known my best friend Mary since I was five years old. That's almost 25 years of memories, laughter, girl talk, heartbreak and too many gallons of tin roof ice cream. We also started a band once, but that's beside the point. My mom has always said there two types of friends in your life: the friends who come and go, and your "heart friends" who will stand by you and be your partner in crime and confidante until the day you die. That's Mary, a tried and true heart friend.

And Mary's getting married!! To Keegan. The future Mrs. Mounce. Aren't they gorgeous? Of course Keegan got the old "you better not break her heart" speech from me in the very beginning, and he's been true to his word. They're very much in love and just get each other. And they laugh a lot, which I absolutely adore.

Taking their engagement pictures was effortless. It's this amazing feeling when you know someone so well that everything just comes out naturally, and their personalities and love for each other shine in every photo. I can't wait for their big day - a giant celebration of love and a chance for my heart friend to be with the man she loves for the rest of her life. To Mary and Keegan!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

snow days

Snow Globe 8x8 Print by Marianne LoMonaco
And when I say snow days, I guess I mean ice days. We got a bit of a winter blast here in Dallas, and our house is literally encased in ice. It looks lovely and snowcapped, but when you step outside, your feet fail to sink in as you're walking on ice. Sheets of ice.

But here in the Moulin household, we've made the absolute best of it. Roads were shut down, businesses closed (i.e., no work) and I had just decorated for Christmas, so we were happy as clams when the storm hit. Or snug as bugs in a rug, which might be a more appropriate simile.

Here are a few suggestions that may make your snow days, should you have any, memorable and cozy - a survival kit, if you will. But not like a real one with batteries, generators and other boring items. Things that will make you warm and happy while you're hunkered down in your home for a few days.

This is Unique Tumblr
Coffee - And seasonal flavors. Warm cocoa is a great idea for when you've had two cups already and need another warm beverage to knock out the cold.

From Remodelista
Copper twinkle lights - I can't tell you how lovely they are - so playful and delicate. I have mine on a jelly cupboard wrapped around a primitive nativity scene for the holidays, but I've decided they will be displayed year-round.

Photo by Ines Perkovc, as seen on Gardenista
Firewood - By firewood, I mean duraflame logs. But firewood is way prettier.

Image via crush cul de sac
Cozy blankets, slippers, scarves and hats - To bundle up and keep out the cold. And to snuggle up while watching your favorite movie.

Image via Good Old Days
Something that resembles a sled to slide down your driveway - We tried a few items in the garage and found our leftover laminate from our kitchen redo worked best. Because we don't have sleds here in the South (and we're a resourceful people).

Little Brown Dog (Gus) and Marty McFly. Photos by Frances Moulin.
Snuggly pups - We have three, but one will do, I'm sure.

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies from Top with Cinnamon
A delicious meal, adult beverages and something sweet - We went with fried shrimp, kale chips and local beer. And chocolate chip cookie dough, which may or may not have made it to the oven.

Stay warm, my friends! xoxo