Thursday, December 15, 2011


A day in the life of a calligrapher. Love, Jenna does amazing work. Breathtaking.
I have long admired the art of calligraphy. And the holiday season, with its Christmas cards and holiday parties, allows this craft to shine. Last night I took a intro to calligraphy class through Oil and Cotton (which is such a great venue – you really should check it out), and I learned just how intricate, time consuming and elegant calligraphy really is. And we were just learning basic italics.

Today, there are so many forms of calligraphy. If you’re handwriting challenged, Dafont has quite the selection of beautiful fonts to choose from that you can download right to your computer – no nibs or blood/sweat/tears necessary. But, of course, you can also reach out to a local calligrapher to create custom masterpieces that make your wedding invitations or holiday cards that much more special. Andrea Estrada taught our class and has been practicing calligraphy since the sixth grade! 

Images featured on 100 Layer Cake. Calligraphy by B. Dunlap. Images by Jackie Wonders
Romantic calligraphy by Dear Darling.
Calligraphy letterpress by The Byrd Collective

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