Wednesday, December 5, 2012

german glass glitter

Merry Christmas ornament, This Makes Me Happy Etsy
Well, my friends, as you can see I've taken a little break from my blog as I've been working on my Etsy shop and making huge life decisions (complete change of career, no big deal). But in the meantime, I've added new items to my shop - including super sparkly German glass glitter ornaments, confetti and letters. Not that there's anything wrong with regular glitter (you know I love that Martha Stewart 24 piece set like the next girl); it's just that nothing really compares to German glass glitter.
Feather ornament, This Makes Me Happy Etsy
German glass glitter clothespins, This Makes Me Happy Etsy
Made from real, itty-bitty pieces of glass, this vintage-like embellishment brings sparkle, class and a bit of romance to home and event decor. And over time, as it oxidizes, it turns to a beautiful, aged brass color. In my Etsy shop, you will notice that I find an excuse to cover just about anything in German glass glitter to add that extra special something. I buy mine, just like my seam binding ribbon, at Smitten in McKinney, but you can also find German glass glitter online and on Etsy.

Love, love, love, via Just Something I Made

Friday, October 19, 2012

love mae

Labels for spices and jars. All photos by Love Mae.
Love Mae is one of those shops where I just want everything. Like every single item. Because who doesn't want their cupboard perfectly labeled with adorable - and reusable - stickers? (I heard they make everything taste better too...)
Assorted wrapping paper.
And who wouldn't be impressed if every gift you gave looked just like this? (I need every pattern. I'm not kidding - I have a serious weakness for paper.)
Wall decals, photo dots.
And who doesn't absolutely have to own all of these (fabric!) wall decals for their photos, notes and artwork? I know I do. So much prettier than a cork board. Oh, and I need these letters, too. Probably a few sets because don't you hate it when you're one "r" short?
Mini letter decals. 
You can find these lovely items and more on Love Mae's etsy shop. They (Emily and Peta) also have a blog (LOVE their free desktop calendars), website and online shop with more decal goodness.

Side note: For those of you who want a super organized pantry after you label all of your jars and spices, go on over to my friend Megan's blog, Megg Salad, blog to find out how to build a Whole Foods pantry.  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

fall is here!

Fall Harvest, Joseph De Leo Photography
Here in Texas, we're slowly but surely feeling fall in the air. And I couldn't be happier. Nothing's better than patio weather, falling leaves, college football and the first gumbo of the season (curtesy of Monsieur Moulin).

Missoni scarves - pretty please to all of them. Via House of Fifty.
The moment the temperature drops to 80 degrees in October, we Texans break out the scarves and boots as if it's actually chilly outside. We don't care it we're sweating underneath it all - it's fall and we want to experience it with the rest of the country.

Time to cozy up with a good book and hot cup of tea. Via Crush Cul De Sac.  

Dust off your boots - and pair them with some over the knee socks for a quirky yet stylish twist.
Nordstrom socks via Tamara's pin.
The start of fall also means the start of the holiday season - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. And you know what that means - costumes and candy, family, (a lot of) good food and wine, vacation, and then snow! Wait...I'm getting ahead of myself. First let's work on getting below 80 degrees.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Lovely image from Kate T. Parker Photography
I was at my niece's soccer game recently, and I heard the most heart-warming comment from one of the little girls playing Barbies on a picnic blanket. As they were changing their Barbies' clothes and playing Family (while the boys were digging in a muddy ditch, of course), she took a moment, paused and with true sincerity said, "Does anyone else here want to go do cartwheels...or is it just me?"

My sister and I instantly smiled and laughed a bit at her sweet innocence, but then I thought how I want that to be my statement in life. I wish that were the one thing on my mind that I really had to contemplate. Not work, not money, not stress. Just cartwheels.

Then I thought to myself, when did we stop doing cartwheels? I can't think of a more silly and carefree expression. I remember when I played soccer as a young girl, and my coach made us run laps because we wouldn't stop doing cartwheels on the field. Sure, you can blame "maturity" or the fact that people may think it's odd that a 28-year old woman is doing cartwheels in public, but I think the world might just be a slightly better place if we didn't take ourselves so seriously and did a few more cartwheels.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

mumford & sons at red rocks

The great Mumford & Sons. Photo by Frances Moulin
Though I've been meaning to update you all on my anniversary trip to Colorado, my timing may actually be perfect, as the new Mumford & Sons album came out this week. You see, Monsieur Moulin and I were going to spend our two-year anniversary in New Orleans, but Hurricane Isaac had other plans. So, upon arriving in Lafayette and realizing staying in NOLA might not be the best decision, we turned around, drove 20 hours to Denver and bought tickets to Mumford & Sons at Red Rocks. And it was probably one of the best decisions we ever made. 
From the set of their new album cover. Mumford's blog.
I can't explain to you how much this concert affected me. Marcus Mumford and crew play with such passion and truth. And their lyrics - oh, their lyrics. During their new song "Ghosts That We Knew," I had a moment. Like a choked up, I need to sit down moment. Then when they performed "Broken Crown," my soul was shaken. And the crowd was absolutely amazing, reverent and enthusiastic throughout, unlike anything I've ever seen before. The best way to explain the energy that night is with their "I Will Wait" video, which was filmed at Red Rocks. Oh, and we're in the video at 3:52, jumping up and down. But don't blink or sneeze or glance away for even a moment because you'll miss us. But we're in it nonetheless.

And for fun, here are a few other pics from our trip. We soon realized that Hurricane Isaac was actually on our side and perhaps wanted us to go to Denver. Because it was a most perfect anniversary that also included a stay at the beautiful Warwick Hotel, a Rockie's game, shopping and dining in Uptown,  exploring the Denver Art Museum and breathing the crisp air at Rocky Mountain National Park.

My favorite Denver boutique Talulah Jones.  This little gem offers party goods, textiles, children's clothes and toys, and much, much more. I could have easily spent an entire day there. All photos by Frances Moulin.
The breathtaking view at Rocky Mountain National Park. This exists. 
Sweet little flower box. I adore the green wood against the purple flowers.
Loved this coffee shop in Estes Park as it's also a place to lounge and do arts and crafts. Really - like it has its own craft room. Brilliant. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

polka dots

Polka dot tights via Vicki Horton's pin
So, I paid full price for a shirt not too long ago – something I never, ever do (sorry, Mom. I know you taught me better than that…) But I truly couldn’t help myself. I fell in LOVE with this little denim gem from Anthropologie (see below). Which also made me realize how much I love polka dots. Lovely, girly, retro polka dots. Wear them during the day, night, work, parties. Pair them with florals, sparkles, heels or flats. They're super chic and versatile.

I don’t necessarily recommend paying full price for a shirt, but I do suggest a brief assessment of your closet (and/or entire home) and adding a few polka dot prints if you don’t already have them. And if you do happen to fall into the “I just couldn’t help myself” trap, you can blame me.

Said polka dot shirt, with teeny tiny dots, Anthro

Adorable River Island skirt, asos 
Super creative polka dot wedding dress, Katie Armour
Easy flower arrangement, the cinderella project, via Morgan's pin
Paper envelopes by UGUiSU
How to make paper buttons as seen on sophistimom, via Ez's pin
Kate Spade, Market Street Party Plate

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Photo by Frances Moulin
When I was about 11 years old, I took a trip to the lake with some of my girlfriends, and when I came home, my older sister had completely made over my room. And it was a tween girl’s dream. She used two classic 90s perfumes, Elizabeth Arden’s Sunflowers and Bath and Body Works’ Gingham, as her inspiration (I know you owned them both…) And to this day, I love her for it because she worked SO hard (and because my room was the envy of all of my girlfriends).
Sunflower-themed wedding featured on Rustic Wedding Chic, via Brittany's pin.
Photography by Laura Leigh Photo
van Gogh's Sunflowers
I also still have an undying love for sunflowers. Maybe it’s because they’re so bright, bold and happy, or maybe because they remind me of all the fun I had in that bright yellow room. Either way, when Monsieur Moulin and I were driving to Spring to visit family not too long ago, and we saw the most breathtaking field of sunflowers, I had to stop and take (an embarrassingly large number of) photos.

Retro Arizona bride as seen on One Wed; Photography by Melissa Dunstan
Simple yet stunning centerpiece via Style Me Pretty,  Orchard Cove Photography 
Funny thing is, I’ve driven back and forth to Spring a million times, and I’ve never once seen this field. And when I returned a few weeks later, they were wilted and on their last limb. Naturally, I turned to the iPhone and discovered that sunflowers don’t last long, especially in the Texas summer heat. So I suppose the lesson here is to stop and smell the sunflowers - because you never know when you'll get the opportunity again.

Photo by Frances Moulin

Monday, June 18, 2012

luxe circus sip and see baby shower

All photos by Canary Grey Photography, as seen on Kara's Party Ideas
Maddy at Somewhere Splendid recently created the most beautiful Luxe Circus Sip and See Baby Shower for her new baby girl, featured on Kara's Party Ideas, and she used my German glass glitter clothespins to hang her gorgeous letterpress designs (which she sells in her etsy shop). I'm dying over the gold animals, fringe and mylar, gold-dipped peonies, and overall mix of modern and vintage. Check out the entire feature here, and visit Kara's Party Ideas shop for many of the goodies pictured.

Floral design by Studio Fleurette
Vintage rentals, On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals

Baked goods by Maddy Hague at Somewhere Splendid; Candy by and

You can find these German glass glitter clothespins in my etsy shop :)
Styling, concept and invitations by Maddy Hague, Somewhere Splendid.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

sharon montrose and the animal print shop

Climbing Cubs
I don't have a little one...yet (unless you count our three crazy pups). But whether Baby Moulin is a boy or girl, I already know what prints will grace his/her walls: Sharon Montrose's photographs from The Animal Print Shop.

On the Wall, The Animal Print Shop
Baby Monkey Close-Up
Baby Giraffe No. 3, my personal favorite 
Who wouldn't want to stare at bear cubs on a rope swing, snuggling bunnies or knobby-kneed deer every day? Those who are afraid of cute overload - that's who.

And with her simple yet stunning images and clean backgrounds, you don't even need a baby to hang them in your home. Just make sure you have enough space to hang at least four - because it's hard to choose just one.

On the Wall, The Animal Print Shop
P.S. Through her photography, Sharon's team helps support organizations devoted to animal rescue, educational programs and nurturing wildlife. As a big animal rescue supporter myself, she seems to be after my own heart. Love this behind-the-scenes look.

Monday, June 4, 2012

homegrown music and arts festival

A view from the main stage. Food, fun, music and great company. 
I want to let you in on a little secret I discovered last weekend: the Homegrown Music and Arts Festival in Dallas. It was such a special experience and allowed Monsieur Moulin and me serious access to ah-maz-ing bands (15 of them, to be exact) that I never would have been so close to otherwise.

Ben Kweller is ridiculously talented. And so nice!
Oh, and I met Ben Kweller. Like met him - as in had a conversation and let him know how much his 2006 album meant to my husband and me. Ok, so Monsieur Moulin did most of the talking (I may or may not have been too starstruck), but it was seriously surreal. And to add to the wonder of the bands, the festival featured local artists, vendors and food (shout out, Rusty Taco).

Thoroughly enjoyed Strut's traveling boutique. Great prices, too.
Loved Houston's own Robert Ellis and can't get over his version of George Jones' The Grand Tour.
Livin' it up in the heart of Dallas with my hubby. 
At the end of the day, we met some really wonderful people, had a Shiner or two, sang and danced the night away and had a really unique experience in the Big D. Needless to say, we'll be back in 2013.