Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 calendars

2012 letterpress calendar by 1canoe2
Don’t worry – I don’t have my 2012 calendar yet either. But choosing a calendar is a decision you have to live with for an entire year, so it’s a pretty major one. Luckily for you and me, there are many lovely options out there from which to choose. You know I always turn to Etsy to see what’s out there first, but a pretty quick search also led me to a number of very talented artists and letterpress companies who design gorgeous calendars to display in your home, office or studio. Paper Crave also provides a very detailed assessment of creative and original 2012 calendars. So put in on your calendar to buy a calendar. Before you accidentally make plans for Friday, January 14 (that was last year, folks).

Crested shield calendar by The Paper Thieves

2012 old school letterpress calendar by The Paper Source

Limited edition calendar by Simplesong Design
Watercolor calendar by Linda & Harriet

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  1. Girl, I completely agree! Even with this fancy iPad and all of it's endless calendar apps there is nothing like a good, old fashioned paper calendar! A cute one, of course :-)