Monday, January 9, 2012

kirk herbstreit

Herbie, ESPN
Well, I bought a king cake from Kroger, Monsieur Moulin is picking up Cane’s, and I’m decked out in purple and gold. I’m not a die-hard LSU fan per se, but I am super supportive of my Baton Rouge born-and-raised-husband, and the BCS championship game between LSU and Alabama takes place tonight. I like college football, don’t get me wrong, but it’s that time of year when I start to tire a bit and am waiting for the season to end already. The one person who gets me through this trying time, however, is Kirk Herbstreit. In a sea of older and often obnoxious commentators (not you, Lou Holtz; I’ve got nothing but love), Kirk (clearly on a first-name basis) keeps me intrigued with his dashing good looks, sweet voice and shiny white teeth. Oh, and his extensive knowledge of the game, of course. I think many of you ladies out there will agree with me – college game day would not be the same without him. So I thank you, Kirk, for keeping all of us going throughout the long and exhausting college football season. And Geaux Tigers.

With Mike the Tiger, The Advocate

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