Wednesday, January 18, 2012

nathalie lete

la chouette orange, acrylic on wood
In a dream world, I would be able to lock myself in my studio all day long, turn on happy music and spend my time imagining and creating. So naturally, when I see an artist who has the opportunity to make that dream a reality (and has a wondrous studio to boot), you can understand I get slightly jealous. But my love and admiration for Nathalie Lete’s designs far surpasses my jealousy. Her imaginative and feminine paintings, rugs and ceramics transport you to an almost fairy tale-like world. In fact, I dare you to browse her playful designs without smiling. And while her works seem out of reach for folks like you and me, not to worry – you don’t have to travel to a boutique in France or Holland. You can find a little bit of Nathalie Lete at your local Anthropologie. And find her I did – I bought 12 of her plates…and a dress.

Nathalie Lete's studio wonderland, via Emma Cassie

Nathalie Lete, with her collection of plates, pillows and rugs

Nathalie Lete plates from Anthropologie.

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  1. Obviously, this is your blog that you post to but when I saw the owl painting at the top of this post I thought, "That's so Annie!" haha.

    And, p.s. your studio is totally coming together, too!