Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A Subtle Revelry offers a tutorial for light bulb terrariums - such a great idea for place cards or favors.
I’m kind of obsessed with terrariums right now. Gorgeous plants, curious sceneries, varying rocks, all enclosed in a clear vessel – sometimes corked or hung in an interesting or unique way. Per this New York Times article about the comeback of terrariums, they “marry the current rage for Victoriana with the growing interest in handmade crafts and all things do-it-yourself.” Terrariums were popular in the 70s but have evolved into more modern and stylish displays that offer a budget-friendly solution to gardening and décor. You can find endless amounts of terrariums on Etsy, but I suggest making one yourself. Read the bottom of the NYT article a brief tutorial on how to create and maintain your own mini landscape.

Terrain, an Urban Outfitters brand, is a wonderland of fashion and garden. As seen on Oh Joy.

Translucent Droplet Terrarium at Anthro. For the low, low price of $1,450.

How to Make a Terrarium on Apartment Therapy.

The Two of Us print by Lucy Engelman.

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  1. These are really cool! Maybe one day, in a long, long time when my sweet children are older :)....