Monday, April 16, 2012


Simple bow shorts,, via Helen Carlson's pin
Bows are the epitome of femininity, in my humble opinion. They take you back to when you were a little girl, with a big bow on the top of your head (particularly if you were a child in the 90s like me; I even sported the occasional Blossom floppy hat).

faboooosh headband by, the queens of girly accessories 
I need this dress to be in my closet. Like yesterday. asos spot shift dress with bow
Fabulous TB Eddie Bow Flats, Shop bop
The great thing about bows is that they can be adapted to any girl or woman at any age. They grow with us and reflect our style. Whether you're feeling big and playful, soft and romantic, or colorful and quirky, you can find a bow to fit any mood or occasion.   

Sweet, girly hair bow. Sorakeem tumblr, via This is Glamorous
Homemade, grown-up pencil skirt on Say Yes to Hoboken
Via Dreamsicle Day. Is it bathing suit season already? Sigh.


  1. I never thought I was a bow girl til i was preg...then EVERYTHING had to have a bow right above my ever-growing tummy! ;)

  2. Love the polka dot bow dress and pencil skirt! And, you know I sported the floppy hat, too!

  3. Gotta love the pregnant baby bow!!