Tuesday, April 10, 2012

round top antiques fair

We gasped when we saw this patch of poppies. In someone's front yard. All photos by Frances Moulin
Apologies, my friends. I know it's been a while since I've posted, but I have my reasons, I promise. 1) My 9-5 job has been super busy (zzzzz), 2) I haven't quite figured out my new camera (so excited about it though!), and 3) I've been traveling a bit. Nothing too crazy, but most recently, I went with my mom and sisters to the Round Top Antiques Fair.

I hit the jackpot when I scored these old earrings and brooches for about $20. Can't wait to use them as embellishments.
Lovely displays, complete with chandeliers, drawing us in from the streets.
Round Top is a small Texas town with a population of 90. Seriously. But during the Antiques Fair, held in the spring and fall, hundred of thousands of people flood the town to see miles of gorgeous antiques, unique furniture and homemade goods.

The famous Royer's Cafe. And a mish-mash of fun objects.
Pie selections at the This Must Be Heaven in Brenham. You know we had two pieces.
We stayed in the Ant Street Inn in nearby Brenham (famous for its bluebonnets) and spend two days eating, people watching, listening to live music and shopping. And trust me, two days is not enough. We learned quickly that to see all of Round Top, you need three or four days. And comfortable shoes (I recommend cowboy boots). And even though we didn't get a chance to see all that Round Top has to offer, we each bought a few things that made us happy, and we had a good ol' Texas time.

My absolute favorite piece, made of repurposed English wood and old French lockers. May I please borrow $2,400?


  1. I loved our trip and if I had $2,400.00 to spare the storage lockers would be yours!

  2. Why was I not invited girls? I totally had $2,400 last week that I was looking to give away....oh, well!