Wednesday, August 29, 2012

polka dots

Polka dot tights via Vicki Horton's pin
So, I paid full price for a shirt not too long ago – something I never, ever do (sorry, Mom. I know you taught me better than that…) But I truly couldn’t help myself. I fell in LOVE with this little denim gem from Anthropologie (see below). Which also made me realize how much I love polka dots. Lovely, girly, retro polka dots. Wear them during the day, night, work, parties. Pair them with florals, sparkles, heels or flats. They're super chic and versatile.

I don’t necessarily recommend paying full price for a shirt, but I do suggest a brief assessment of your closet (and/or entire home) and adding a few polka dot prints if you don’t already have them. And if you do happen to fall into the “I just couldn’t help myself” trap, you can blame me.

Said polka dot shirt, with teeny tiny dots, Anthro

Adorable River Island skirt, asos 
Super creative polka dot wedding dress, Katie Armour
Easy flower arrangement, the cinderella project, via Morgan's pin
Paper envelopes by UGUiSU
How to make paper buttons as seen on sophistimom, via Ez's pin
Kate Spade, Market Street Party Plate