Saturday, September 29, 2012

mumford & sons at red rocks

The great Mumford & Sons. Photo by Frances Moulin
Though I've been meaning to update you all on my anniversary trip to Colorado, my timing may actually be perfect, as the new Mumford & Sons album came out this week. You see, Monsieur Moulin and I were going to spend our two-year anniversary in New Orleans, but Hurricane Isaac had other plans. So, upon arriving in Lafayette and realizing staying in NOLA might not be the best decision, we turned around, drove 20 hours to Denver and bought tickets to Mumford & Sons at Red Rocks. And it was probably one of the best decisions we ever made. 
From the set of their new album cover. Mumford's blog.
I can't explain to you how much this concert affected me. Marcus Mumford and crew play with such passion and truth. And their lyrics - oh, their lyrics. During their new song "Ghosts That We Knew," I had a moment. Like a choked up, I need to sit down moment. Then when they performed "Broken Crown," my soul was shaken. And the crowd was absolutely amazing, reverent and enthusiastic throughout, unlike anything I've ever seen before. The best way to explain the energy that night is with their "I Will Wait" video, which was filmed at Red Rocks. Oh, and we're in the video at 3:52, jumping up and down. But don't blink or sneeze or glance away for even a moment because you'll miss us. But we're in it nonetheless.

And for fun, here are a few other pics from our trip. We soon realized that Hurricane Isaac was actually on our side and perhaps wanted us to go to Denver. Because it was a most perfect anniversary that also included a stay at the beautiful Warwick Hotel, a Rockie's game, shopping and dining in Uptown,  exploring the Denver Art Museum and breathing the crisp air at Rocky Mountain National Park.

My favorite Denver boutique Talulah Jones.  This little gem offers party goods, textiles, children's clothes and toys, and much, much more. I could have easily spent an entire day there. All photos by Frances Moulin.
The breathtaking view at Rocky Mountain National Park. This exists. 
Sweet little flower box. I adore the green wood against the purple flowers.
Loved this coffee shop in Estes Park as it's also a place to lounge and do arts and crafts. Really - like it has its own craft room. Brilliant.