Friday, October 5, 2012


Lovely image from Kate T. Parker Photography
I was at my niece's soccer game recently, and I heard the most heart-warming comment from one of the little girls playing Barbies on a picnic blanket. As they were changing their Barbies' clothes and playing Family (while the boys were digging in a muddy ditch, of course), she took a moment, paused and with true sincerity said, "Does anyone else here want to go do cartwheels...or is it just me?"

My sister and I instantly smiled and laughed a bit at her sweet innocence, but then I thought how I want that to be my statement in life. I wish that were the one thing on my mind that I really had to contemplate. Not work, not money, not stress. Just cartwheels.

Then I thought to myself, when did we stop doing cartwheels? I can't think of a more silly and carefree expression. I remember when I played soccer as a young girl, and my coach made us run laps because we wouldn't stop doing cartwheels on the field. Sure, you can blame "maturity" or the fact that people may think it's odd that a 28-year old woman is doing cartwheels in public, but I think the world might just be a slightly better place if we didn't take ourselves so seriously and did a few more cartwheels.

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