Saturday, October 13, 2012

fall is here!

Fall Harvest, Joseph De Leo Photography
Here in Texas, we're slowly but surely feeling fall in the air. And I couldn't be happier. Nothing's better than patio weather, falling leaves, college football and the first gumbo of the season (curtesy of Monsieur Moulin).

Missoni scarves - pretty please to all of them. Via House of Fifty.
The moment the temperature drops to 80 degrees in October, we Texans break out the scarves and boots as if it's actually chilly outside. We don't care it we're sweating underneath it all - it's fall and we want to experience it with the rest of the country.

Time to cozy up with a good book and hot cup of tea. Via Crush Cul De Sac.  

Dust off your boots - and pair them with some over the knee socks for a quirky yet stylish twist.
Nordstrom socks via Tamara's pin.
The start of fall also means the start of the holiday season - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. And you know what that means - costumes and candy, family, (a lot of) good food and wine, vacation, and then snow! Wait...I'm getting ahead of myself. First let's work on getting below 80 degrees.

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  1. I couldn't agree more -- YaY for fall! My absolute favorite time of the year!! Happy Fall!