Friday, October 19, 2012

love mae

Labels for spices and jars. All photos by Love Mae.
Love Mae is one of those shops where I just want everything. Like every single item. Because who doesn't want their cupboard perfectly labeled with adorable - and reusable - stickers? (I heard they make everything taste better too...)
Assorted wrapping paper.
And who wouldn't be impressed if every gift you gave looked just like this? (I need every pattern. I'm not kidding - I have a serious weakness for paper.)
Wall decals, photo dots.
And who doesn't absolutely have to own all of these (fabric!) wall decals for their photos, notes and artwork? I know I do. So much prettier than a cork board. Oh, and I need these letters, too. Probably a few sets because don't you hate it when you're one "r" short?
Mini letter decals. 
You can find these lovely items and more on Love Mae's etsy shop. They (Emily and Peta) also have a blog (LOVE their free desktop calendars), website and online shop with more decal goodness.

Side note: For those of you who want a super organized pantry after you label all of your jars and spices, go on over to my friend Megan's blog, Megg Salad, blog to find out how to build a Whole Foods pantry.  

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