Sunday, March 31, 2013

bunny cake

What shall we name him? Monsieur Lapin? 
You know those little things that remind you of your childhood and family back during the days when life was just a bit simpler? Well, one of those little things for me is bunny cake. Every year on Easter my mother would make a bunny cake. Rain or shine. Vacation or not. We had a bunny cake. So this year, as I was hosting Easter brunch for the family, I decided to take on the challenge.

I used Funfetti cake mix (blasphemous for someone like me, who always bakes from scratch, but when you're cooking for eleven people, you make a few sacrifices). All you do is simply bake the cake in two round pans, cut the second into two ears and bow tie, arrange your bunny on a baking sheet, frost, cover in coconut (make sure to dye some pink and blue for the ears and bow tie), and decorate with candy. And voila - bunny cake.

BTW, did you know they have Starburst jelly beans in favorite reds? As in only reds. Genius. And super dangerous. I used one for the bunny nose, which leaves the rest of them to taunt me in the candy bowl.

Just for fun, here's a picture of the late Vincent Vega, my sweet bunny (or Bumby, as my nephew used to say).

Hoppy Easter, ya'll. xoxo