Wednesday, May 29, 2013

kari herer photography

Giraffe and Flower Photograph No 88238. All photos by Kari Herer Photography via her Etsy page
For those of us who have a deep love of flora and fauna, Kari Herer's stunning photographs are absolute perfection. She combines both elements by merging original artwork and fresh flowers to create unique, nature-inspired images. And I'm so super excited about her new series.

Bear and Flower Photograph No 88224
Kaitlyn No 88246
Owl and Flower Photograph No 88236
Kari has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Design*Sponge, Decor8, Oh Joy, Daily Candy and The Knot, so she's kind of a big deal. Good news is, her prints are available on Etsy for a mere $30. You can also see more of her work, including portraits, weddings and additional still life photos, on her blog and website.

Fox and Flower No 9889
Magnolia and Flower Illustration No 6688
I got this beauty for my mom last year and she lovingly displays it in her hallway. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

rediscovering felicity

Photo via Rotten Tomatoes Felicity Trivia
Netflix is such a blessing and a curse. Monsieur Moulin and I decided to cancel cable for a number of reasons, particularly the $140 bill each month, but also so we could spend our time doing other creative, more productive tasks. However, we have Netflix and Hulu to stay connected with the outside world. And that's where I (re)discovered Felicity. And wasted some of that "creative, more productive" time...

Ah, Felicity and Ben. I mean, who didn't follow their high school crush to college across the county because he wrote a nice note in her yearbook? Doesn't sound stalker-ish to me. Image via Tumblr.
You see, kids, there once was a time when we couldn't record TV and had to actually catch our favorite shows or we missed them. Thing is, I never missed Felicity. Perhaps it was the entire show's dialogue delivered via whisper, the eternal struggle of Ben vs. Noel, the major life issues of cheating (both academic and romantic), underage drinking and sexual discovery, or the start of Jennifer Garner's career as Noel's girlfriend Hannah Bibb - I can't decide what I appreciate most.

Felicity was a hero for us pseudo-nerdy, slightly eccentric girls who struggled with doing the right thing and living life to its fullest. Even though she cut her hair during season two, which as I sit here writing this with my pixie cut, I now totally respect 13 years later.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

laura marling

Laura Marling, via Ribbon Music
These past few months, I've been on a total Laura Marling kick. Her gritty, folky sound (the hipsters call it "nu-folk") is both captivating and pure. And she's such a natural talent - her debut album, Alas, I Cannot Swim, was released in 2008 when she was only 18. Which proves some people are just born with it. Right? I mean, what were you doing when you were 18?

Laura Marling is associated with Marcus Mumford in that he used to be her drummer and back-up vocals, and they dated for a couple of years (jealous). Take a listen and add her to your playlist. I recommend I Speak Because I Can, one of those few albums that gets you from beginning to end.

If you can't view the above on your mobile device, see the Devil's Spoke video here.

Laura Marling's new album, Once I Was An Eagle, officially hits May 28. And she just started a mini, North American spring tour. I'm praying to the nu-folk gods that she makes her way to Dallas.