Friday, June 21, 2013

a day at the park

The fact that I get to live close to three of my nieces and nephews makes me one lucky aunt. They call me Boo Boo, which I admittedly debated including in this post, but decided it was too cute not to mention how sweet it is to hear my GTL-obsessed, self-proclaimed "swag" 17-year-old nephew call his aunt Boo Boo.

When my sister and brother-in-law go out of town, Boo Boo turns into nanny, which means carpool, lunches, the whole bit. But it also means movies, ice cream and picnics in the park. You forget how the simple things in life like fresh air, ducks, walking the dog and throwing a football give such joy to a child. iPhone not required. Here are a few pictures from our simple day outside.

All photos by Frances Moulin, aka Boo Boo.

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