Tuesday, October 29, 2013

sweet baby kate

All photos by Frances Moulin. Edits by Monsieur Moulin.
Hi friends. This post is looooong overdue, but I have to share pics from my photo shoot with the Van Andel family and their absolutely precious, baby Kate. Brace yourselves for cute overload.

Mommy Lauren and I have been dear friends since childhood (cue memories of the tree swing, flashlight tag and living room forts). She is probably the kindest person I've ever known and she absolutely glows as a new mommy, which is more than evident in these photos - such a natural.

And I mean, come on. Look at that hair. Kate is such a cutie with a little personality all her own. I was honored they asked me to take her pictures and can't wait until she comes up with dance routines and takes over their upstairs closet to start her very own acting club. Not that we did that.