Wednesday, February 19, 2014

mary grace and keegan

All photos by Frances Moulin
I've known my best friend Mary since I was five years old. That's almost 25 years of memories, laughter, girl talk, heartbreak and too many gallons of tin roof ice cream. We also started a band once, but that's beside the point. My mom has always said there two types of friends in your life: the friends who come and go, and your "heart friends" who will stand by you and be your partner in crime and confidante until the day you die. That's Mary, a tried and true heart friend.

And Mary's getting married!! To Keegan. The future Mrs. Mounce. Aren't they gorgeous? Of course Keegan got the old "you better not break her heart" speech from me in the very beginning, and he's been true to his word. They're very much in love and just get each other. And they laugh a lot, which I absolutely adore.

Taking their engagement pictures was effortless. It's this amazing feeling when you know someone so well that everything just comes out naturally, and their personalities and love for each other shine in every photo. I can't wait for their big day - a giant celebration of love and a chance for my heart friend to be with the man she loves for the rest of her life. To Mary and Keegan!!