Saturday, October 18, 2014

etsy finds

Handmade Wood Bike Crate by Artifact of Grace

In honor of the return of my Etsy shop (stay tuned, adding items as we speak, including vintage finds!), I decided to round up a few lovelies that caught my eye on Etsy lately. So many talented artists out there - please do keep them in mind for upcoming birthdays, showers and the holidays.

Collection of Vintage Arrows by Gallivanting Girls

To and From Stamp Set by Anastasia Marie

Ceramic Cellars in Mint by Ross Lab

Mexican Wedding Banners by Ay Mujer

You Got This Coffee Mug by Printable Wisdom

Herkimer Diamond and Gold Stud Earrings by Nested Yellow

Mama and Baby Giraffe from my little ol' Etsy shop.  Just begging to live in someone's nursery.

Friday, October 3, 2014

little miss london

All photos by Frances Moulin
My friends Megan and Martin had the most adorable and petite baby girl named London. And recently I was able to spend some time with her / snuggle / take a few newborn pics. Isn't she ridiculously sweet? 

The ribbon skirt pictured is courtesy of our talented friend Amber, my fellow craftinista. Also, London's amazing crib sheet was specially picked by mama and daddy to represent the tree of life - just darling. 

The floral scarf in these images is the scarf mama Megan wore to the hospital when London was born. (Wipe tear.)