Tuesday, August 25, 2015

vintage items in the shop

Gold Standard teacups and saucers 
All photos by Frances Moulin

My Etsy shop, which was once stocked with handmade goods and event decor, is slowly being taken over by vintage items I've found here and there while thrifting in Dallas. It's kind of a magical feeling, taking this once discarded item and giving it new life and a new home. Take a look; maybe that home is yours. francesmoulin.etsy.com

Libbey juice glasses
mismatched brass candlesticks
brass Buddha statue
lucky horseshoe

engraved brass mug
cast iron keys
small brass trinket dish
vintage hand painted floral bowl

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

david and becca

All photos by Frances Moulin

I absolutely love this couple. David's been a good friend/big brother figure for years, and I'm thrilled he met and fell madly in love with Becca because she's amazing. And so is their sweet and very well-behaved pup Rilo. These photos were taken in the park where he proposed, right in the heart of Dallas. Congrats to these two on their upcoming nuptials in Mexico. Ole!

This is the exact spot where he proposed. So romantic. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

baby kamden

All photos by Frances Moulin

My best friend Mary recently gave birth to the most adorable baby boy named Kamden, and I instantly fell in love with this little guy. When you've known someone since you were practically babies, it's a strange and beautiful thing when they have babies. I remember when we could barely take care of hamsters as kids, and here she is: a gorgeous and already awe-inspiring mother. 

In the hospital the day he was born.

Those dimples...

Daddy is already his hero.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

easter at terrain

Enchanted Easter table setting at Terrain

I just stumbled upon Terrain's Easter decor, most notably their unique chocolate offerings, and immediately felt a sense of nostalgia, when I would wake up and the Easter Bunny had left me a basket full of candy in brightly colored wrappers and plastic Easter grass. Oh, if only he had delivered these lovelies to my house...

I so desperately wish we had a Terrain here in Dallas, but in the meantime, I'll just peruse their stunning offerings online and imagine I'm there. And that I can afford it all.

Milk Chocolate Bunnies. And veggies kids will actually eat -
because they're chocolate.

Spring Pastel Chocolates with edible gold leaf

Vintage Paper Easter Grass

I've always wanted to learn how to do this, Cottontail Needle Felting Kit

Hare and Carrot Shopper, perfect for the farmer's market.

Bring Spring into your home with this Paper Flowers Garland Kit.

An assortment of goodies in their Candy Shop. I will no longer stand for
regular Marshmallow Peeps now that I've seen these confections.